saturday events. -by maria t.



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12 responses to “saturday events. -by maria t.

  1. re maria ax ax ax ax
    vallei mou diskola tounto savvato.

    maria 8elo na mino monima stin lefkosia.
    en antexo allo to piainne ela. ekourase me.
    8elo tin lefkosia mouuuuu.

  2. ase roam mu!
    fandazome oti to sinithismeno crowd aftwn twn events exi dixastei as well.xamos!
    lemeso i lefkosia?
    kapioi hard-core tha pan je sta 8kio fandazume?:P

    oson gia to lefkwsia i londino…i agree with u!

  3. Nai en megaaaalooo to dilimma


  4. loved the photos and the jewelry demetri!wish i could make it!

    twra eshis je tritin epilogi!elpizw na andeksis tin piesi!

  5. Haahaaa

    I must be strong 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    i eikona me ton astinomiko kai tin mikri en graffity panw se tixo tou london…en p ton kalitexni banksy…exei parapolla graffity-stencil toutos se olo ton kosmo…deite ton k en polla teleios o typos:

  7. yes we know dear mr anonymous.

    zoume londino 😛

    prosopika eida ena bansky se ena kkafe pou pao.

    anakali4an telika i oi?

  8. wirrow

    maria papaleontiou’s that girl with curly hair?

  9. well, she does have curly hair…

  10. dont we all??? (at least a significant % of mediterraneans…)

  11. well, some people’s hair are more curly.
    and you know, some traits are characteristic of some one’s presence(outer or inner)…and i think the ‘curly hair” are in this(in her) case!

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