burn M**********R burn -by morfeas9




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18 responses to “burn M**********R burn -by morfeas9

  1. My pleasure passy! Feel better?

  2. I did for about half a minute. Which is more than I bargained for actually.

  3. Heh… nomizo ekrouses passy!

    That said, with a double meaning.

  4. En pou jero pou ekrousa Morfea.

    Twra meiniskei na mathw an eimai foinikas i oi.

  5. Opas…. polla poiitiko passy!

    Akoma lion na ftiso to frappe mu piso. Irten mu apotoma.

    An ekruses ke eminen su i tatsa… e sorry oi staxtes tote too bad. If u r currently in the process of burning then enjoy it! There’s nothing better!

  6. Oi re men anisixis… en eftisa telika to frappe!

  7. όι ρε

    ένταλως τες έκαμες έτσι σαν της μπάρπη!!

  8. That’s how it will look when Nicosia will be burning.

  9. ooopppaaaa maaanaaaa muuuuu!!!
    emeraklosamen kopeeliaaaa!
    kapios n’a4i stin suuglaaa!

  10. No, no, no guys….

    We’re supposed to be mourning… not celebrating!!!

  11. why not?en itan anastasi epses sior?
    morfeas?are you with the bad guys?
    does the name lucifer say somethin to ya?
    o kathenas kamni tis epiloges tu…den tha se katakrinw!

  12. I am the dog of hellfire… and I br… ah f#@k it!

  13. Sorry but i got lost concerning time frames…. i was shocked to find out that anastasi last nite took place at 1130 cuz the tube closes! Is that true?

    Or exorattefkanme?

  14. esambotaran se reeeee!!!
    ouuu antigristosss!

  15. eshi ILIO! fkalte me ekso pu damesa!!!!

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