april. -by maria t.

I went back home for easter. And my bike was missing, along with a couple of people… Now, the people I shall not talk about, because I cannot bring them back. So let’s talk about the bike. It got lost, or stolen. …



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6 responses to “april. -by maria t.

  1. Let’s all hope his soul rests in peace..

  2. thank you sir, you’re kind…it was a “she” though.

  3. i thought the bike conspiracy was not rejected…well well well…shall we be buying new bikes in a couple of months?

  4. άτε, μα εμπήκαν μες την αυλή του σπιθκιού σου τζιαι εκλέψαν το;

    ου επεθύμησα τζιαι εγώ ποδήλατο τωρά

  5. ritsa mou en nomizo na to kle4e kanenas to sigkekrimeno (Arxaiotato) podilato! Mallon agiose je epeta3an to je apla en tis to laloun. On the other hand mporei na itan je kanenas antiko-sillextis?!

  6. hey!VINTAGE!IT’S VINTAGE(opu je na’ne twra)!

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