‘Nough talking about the Others -by morfeas9

Dear prawnkraka readers or opios athkiaseros ekopsen daxame,

Sas proskalo episima stin proti mu collective ekthesi ever. Sounds weird! Vasika ena pu ta ‘erga’ mu tha simperilamvanete mestin ekthesi Creekside Open 2009 selected and curated by Jenni Lomax and Mark Wallinger (the guy who won the Turner Prize last year) at APT Gallery in London. This is quite important for me since its the first time that I will exhibit work from uni, meaning the more mature recent side of me, ke tha itan megali mu xara na petixo tzame kapio pu miniski London if interested!


Here’s the invitation! I’m part of the first exhibition, 07-24 May, yet my name has been erased for privacy issues! 🙂




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5 responses to “‘Nough talking about the Others -by morfeas9

  1. Lola

    Ne re morfea, siga privacy issues. Eto you are trying to get credit for someone else’s work!

  2. Whose work? Ha?

    Pienne stin ekthesi ke to mono kirpiakon onoma ime ego ara enna me katalavis anyway:)

  3. Lola…. if i get my hands on u one day u’ll pay for all the misery u caused me.

    But still when i pronounce ur name, honey drops sweeten my tongue.

    Lola, ise mia kariola.

  4. lola darling!
    i don know what you caused him…
    but you sure caused laughter from my side!

  5. maria pls stop encouraging lola!

    i’m gonna drag her to the ehxibition most probably… give her an inside on how i spend my days. na men lali oti en left out!

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