untitled (private funeral, every now and then). -by maria t.


-the polaroid era is over(and i’m, trying to get over it). no more film production. jie pulun ta san to grusaaafin…edoka 30 lires for the 600 2 pack, which means 20 photos all together.  ts ts ts, or as a friend would say ‘tsk tsk tsk’.



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19 responses to “untitled (private funeral, every now and then). -by maria t.

  1. Intalws kamneis. En epethanen kanenas. Eto apla ekame botox: http://www.poladroid.net/

  2. hahaaa ekame botox:)thanx dem!


    it’s nott faaaairr!
    why are they doing this to us.?

    i will sent letters instead of emails
    i will make my own soup instead of powder
    i will use my polaroid and not polaDroid

  3. its all about art:P


  4. castiel castiel!
    why do i feel like i know you mister?

    did we eat chinese at my place once?
    did we go at a greek mime play at southbank centre?

    and here, this is the question you must answer in order for me to identify you..
    if not all is about art,
    is it about fashion?;p

  5. …Esi me kapoio/a me mperdeuis

    p.s. it’s all about perspective


  6. kai kati akoma…

    “I don’t believe in art, I only believe in artists” – Castiel

  7. I don’t believe in fart… I only believe in fartists.

  8. well castiel, it turns out you’re not the guy i thought you were

  9. mouflonnnn!..ate!irten mia fora ksenos a8rwpos mes’to blog…let’s,
    let’s try to be..nice.!

  10. apollwnara s’agapw, oooooo, fere mas to kypelo, oooooo

  11. afrodutistoumilo

    Εν καλά που σου λαλεί ρε αγρινέ, ήρτεν ξένος άθρωπος τζιαι εκάμετε του τα κάστιαλ.

    Όι ρε, καστιέλφκω

  12. Έλα Γριστε τζι’ Απόστολε!!!

    Μα εγώ απλώς εξέφρασα εικαστική-αέρινη άποψη…

    Εκάμα τε με να νοιώσω πασεντζέρης στη θέση του πασεντζέρη!

  13. allos esi reee afrodutistumilo!
    kata t’alla exarika pu eshis akoma account..

    passy, where are you?
    oooola se thimiiiizuun..zwwwa exstinctionmenaaa!

  14. eee..tipote reee..!kame ti dulia su!

    alla mian jie ise dame,
    akuses to potte to poiima su (insomnie, tristan corbiere) melopoiimeno pu ton thanasi papakwstandinou?
    if not, you should!

  15. That was the reason I named the blog.

  16. oh, right!great song

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