Castration -by morfeas9


Why would you cut off its wings, take away its youth,

When it only wants to fly, fly and find its truth.


A truth so simple, so delicate and sweet,

It makes one ponder, wonder and weep.


Is this better? Prefer the real instead of obscene?

If the garos had ftera would that be a sin?



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11 responses to “Castration -by morfeas9

  1. YES, WE CAN!

    oink, oink…

  2. Και στην κορφή κανέλα!

  3. (Dollar) Bill

    No sin

  4. (Dollar) Bill

    Unless its a garos with ftera which is in fact not a sin so it does go unpunished… without it being a sin though, but thats besides the point as it does not go unpunished.

  5. Being a garos, one of the many and having ftera whilst the others don’t then yes… in their eyes it’s a sin!

  6. (Dollar) Bill

    Disagree. Its like saying the man with a big penis among other less well endowed males is a sin..

  7. The one who is different from the common kopadi, is considered by the kopadi to be wierd. -Free translation from Pellomalou’s speech in Aiyia Fuxia.

    Now I feel complete as a blogger.

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