Praying and (w)rapping -by morfeas9


Ghost, Kader Attia, 2007, Aluminum Foil, Dimensions Variable

Unveiled: New Art From the Middle-East (Is that so Saatchi??)



Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be tradition?

9 responses to “Praying and (w)rapping -by morfeas9

  1. arketa oreo! i’m not always easily engaged with gallery staff but this was a reaaaally good piece.

  2. ….thimizimu kipriaka sandwhich tu dromu gia kapio logo!?

  3. xa xa xa
    nai esieis dikio
    me rosto 🙂

  4. Nampu ton fonazun tzino mestin lefkosia pu kamni sandwhich me tomata, agguri, kommathkia lukaniko, omeletta, bacon, ham, hallumi, rosto, polipif at the same time??

  5. it’s soooo saatchi!=p


  6. o saatchi ekamen mas ta saaatsin! with the tonos on the last syllable…

    passy! welcome bak

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