What’s the name of the DJ who was a friend of Asterix?


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12 responses to “In.the.mix.

  1. How bout the mechanic?


    or Pisfix maybe

  2. για τον τυπο που εμενε στην καλυβα πανω στο δεντρο λες? κακοφωνιξ η κατι τετοιο..

  3. What’s the most important
    symbol in the religion of Asterix?


    Omg…. getting worst at each turn!

  4. Δηλαδή… αν εκατάλαβα καλά… το μαγικό φίλτρο το λένε και… fix !?!?!?

  5. The Passenger

    Μιαν μιξ εχλαπάκιαζα την τωρά πάντως

  6. Tzego re passy… but pu na vro dapano sheftalus?

  7. Btw i thought sheftalus were only for the peasants…

  8. The Passenger

    Everyone has its own conception of the world.

  9. Shieftalix… that’s the only thing i need to say now.

  10. Rumor Mill

    poor effort. boooo

  11. explain the rumor mill nickname!!! or stick to one fuckin nick gamoto! 😛

  12. Rumor Mill

    I have taken to words or short phrases that rhyme with my previous name… however I will need to dramatically change at some stage to have more options available… until we meet again muhahaha

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