yellow shop’s 100th b-day. -by maria t.

“‘Whithin two minutes of everyone taking their clothes off, it seemed totally normal,’ recalls Stephanie Traore,  Selfridges’ Beauty Promotion Manager, one of the 500 volunteers who stripped for Spencer Tunick’s “Be Consumed” installation in April 2003.”  

Moment 37, pages from the “Selfridges&co 1909-2009” scrapbook.



Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be nothing at all?

6 responses to “yellow shop’s 100th b-day. -by maria t.

  1. The Passenger

    Too bad.

    I was hoping for a mega-orgy.

    But I guess they wouldn’t take pictures of that.

  2. The Passenger

    Εν δυνατόν να μεν την ετζισε κανένας αρσενικός καμιάς μες τζείνους ούλλους?

    Ούτε τσας λλίο;


    Εκτός αν τους εδώκαν ούλλους αντικαυλωτικά πριν τo show.

  3. you know…whatever one can get from a piece..

    on my side though, i don’t think there’s sexual tension in this work.

  4. The Passenger

    Yeah, probably 😦

  5. hey…hey!
    why are you sad now pass?

  6. The Passenger

    The way I see it, if people of opposite sexes are within breathing distance from each other and naked, not having sex is an affront to Nature. They should fuck out of gratitude for her not calling it quits after amoebas.

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