Classical Underwear -by morfeas9

Some velvet morning when I’m straight
I’m gonna open up your gate
And maybe tell you ’bout Phaedra.
And how she gave me life
and how she made it in.


Alexander Cabanel – Lee Hazlewood – Nancy Sinatra



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7 responses to “Classical Underwear -by morfeas9

  1. μα εν υπερβολικά άσπρη τούτη, όπως το φάντασμα!

    το τραγούδι πολλά ωραίο, καουμπόικο, λούκι λουκ

  2. ti louki louk, ti fedra?

  3. alexantra

    coincidence? proxtes imoun sto radio tou panepistimiou (ws ‘guest’) jai peksamen to some velvet morning.

    meta sizitisamen gia tin phaedra jai katalavamen oti enekseramen tipote.

    ox evripide.

    y.g. exw to show se recording an endiaferese.

  4. Ouuu egina polla informed the latest days about phaedra because of this at uni.

    Thelis na su kamo mia gliorin analisi tis istoria ke tu geneaologiku dentru tus? 😛

  5. …oh! and i’m not really sure if i believe in coincidence.

    i believe in effort with a hint of signage.

  6. E an evro to isitirio tu dekalirou ke tin athkiasi na stekume 2 ores enna pao…

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