grayson perry at goldsmiths. -by maria t.

Grayson Perry’s art talk took the form of stand up comedy. 

he is (i’ve been told):

-Grayson Perry.

-Britain’s second most famous transvestite.

-Winner of the 2003 Turner Prize.


he is (his quotes from yesterday):

-Innovation is terribly overrated.

-The definition of a good outfit is one you need to take a deep breath before you leave the house. (he didn’t come dressed up though, and some were waiting to see him.)

-I came to goldsmiths to get revenge from the ybas.

-Since when did art become social service?


he is (what he made):

Map of an Englishman.

What’s there not to Like?

Quotes from the Internet.

This pot will Reduce Crime by 29%.

The Map of Nowhere.


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