Oh Hirst-Hirst come and quench my thirst -by morfeas9




Hirst gave me juice for posts to be written upon this blog, check out the archives and you may be shocked.

Now he’s painting, framing and hanging, it looks more like Bacon rather than good timing.

The market is changing and so is him, yet lets say tradition came to reclaim his dream.

No more dead animals in formaldehyde, yet the skulls and the dots couldn’t run and hide.

He’ll probably be laughed at and get a bad review, but still manage to seem innovative, fresh and new.

Oh I hate this post of mine, so pointless and dead.

Still, in my mind, no opinion has been said.



Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be nothing at all?, Could it be politics?, Could it be tradition?

12 responses to “Oh Hirst-Hirst come and quench my thirst -by morfeas9

  1. ohhhhh the rise and fall of the ybas!!!!
    pu mas estilateee sta ksenaaaaaaa maanaaaa??pateraaaa?

  2. after the fall comes the rise again????

  3. You mean Damien Hirst can’t find enough people who are rich enough to buy sectioned animans in formaldehyde and diamond encrusted skulls?

    The crisis ain’t all bad it seems.

    I like these paintings. They would be great in the walls of my mansion.

  4. Come on passy… u just like em cause they’re dark!


  5. The Passenger

    So you are saying that something being dark excludes the possibility of looking great in the walls of my mansion?

    Why do I only need to have one reason for liking them?

  6. mansion i hear..?
    is “V” here?

  7. Do u have a mansion?

    I think that is the real question here.

  8. The Passenger

    Don’t you know that there are no mansions in Cyprus? There are only ugly housezillas.

  9. mia-thkio kales ennashi re…


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