CubeCola (Day in Trade Hacking). -by maria t.

Kate Rich’s Feral Trade Cafe at the HTTP Gallery:

feral trade cafe 003feral trade cafe 004feral trade cafe 011feral trade cafe 012feral trade cafe 033feral trade cafe 040feral trade cafe 041feral trade cafe 042feral trade cafe 043feral trade cafe 045feral trade cafe 044

Purchased and tracked my Oaxaca hot chocolate and tried the CubeCola!



Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be nothing at all?, Could it be politics?, Could it be science?, Could it be tradition?

2 responses to “CubeCola (Day in Trade Hacking). -by maria t.

  1. που εν τουτο?

    ουφφ ελαααααα.

  2. mutemag

    Mute just posted a review of Feral Trade Cafe:

    In her recent show, Kate Rich harnesses the spare baggage capacity of the globe-trotting art world to create a ‘feral trade’ network of human scale exchange. John Millar has trouble suspending his disbelief

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