KitKat (Day in Brussels) -by morfeas9







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10 responses to “KitKat (Day in Brussels) -by morfeas9

  1. pounto atomium?;)
    oi brixelles einai pou tis pio orees poleis pou episkeftika. idika oi mpires tous einai t-e-l-i-e-s

  2. distixos en epia… well brussels… em i guess… they’re ookay. not a must-c place i would say.

    good beer though… ke tzines i fraoules vuttimenes mestin shiokolata!

  3. Anonymous

    good beer? you mean world’s best beers?

  4. i thought of saying that but i haven’t tasted the german ones so i can’t be very objective;)

  5. …r they famous aswell?

    shiutziukkos mana m.

  6. shiutziukkos must be taken to borough market damn it!

  7. Anonymous

    I did taste german ones.
    more than once….
    as beer is essential to the “culture” there, they rank first in quantity and variety.
    but second in quality.. after belgium 😉


  8. I’m sorry but somewhere in the middle of this discussion… i started talking more about strawberries rather than beer! OOps!

  9. Anonymous

    oh don’t worry, they have strawberry beer in brussels 😛

  10. … sounds interesting.

    Simera se ena magazui sto brick lane ishen beer mustard!

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