scraps(queen liz style). -by maria t.

-field trips to the department of town planning and  housing. Latest favorite quote:  “Ma en je mborume na astinomefkumen ullin tin lefkosia!” (regarding the loukoudi case)

-I had to drown my pain which concluded in a schizophrenic appearance, holding a “moufflon boukshop” bag in one hand(: undo journal and aphrodite:mythology of cyprus by stass) and an “add+” bag in the other(:two dries van noten skirts).

– subsequently…Job Wanted!JOB WANTED! my current valunteering goes like this: (erkete o pelatis mes’to magazin) “na mu evris enan pukamison 41, OI ISAGOMENON, en “omicro” pu thelw se parakalw! Xroman mble!to mble to sovaron, to alithinon”. A true poet.




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7 responses to “scraps(queen liz style). -by maria t.

  1. οκκκκκκκκκ

  2. What is the loukoudi case?

    A mana mou an doulefkeis se clothes shop enna ertw na me ntiseis, na me kameis adrwpon 🙂

  3. Dries?! Efernen jai Dries?!
    Kala oi UN eforousan jai Dries Van Noten?!?!

  4. P.S. They didn’t make you pay for UNDO, did they?

  5. e re demetriii, ennen pu to un shop pu epiasa tes dries..gia to onoman tu theou!to trito point ine afierwmeno sto un shop, oi to deftero!tes dries en pu to “add+” pu tes epia.(undo was free)

    passy mu ennen kali idea na ertis sto clothes shop pu kamnw valunteering…o papas su mbori, vasika o pappus su. esi ennen kali idea.
    to lukudi en enan arxondikon pu esiran mestin dimostheni severi xwris adian katedafisis.

  6. A malista

    Enna paei kanenas dikastirio gia to thema i tipote?

  7. tonia k

    hahaha arese m t teleutaio meros!:p
    u still got it babyy

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