Politics of Meat (Part2) -by morfeas9


Untitled (Cute Version), 2009.

(Part 1)



Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be politics?

9 responses to “Politics of Meat (Part2) -by morfeas9

  1. Enan Chateaubriand etrwa ton twra pantws

  2. And by the way it’s “το chauteaubriand” οι “τον”. If you are going to mock my comment at least spell it correctly.

  3. axxx pass..pooosoo farmajin tha andeksw pu’senan i ginekaaa?!
    first of, all i’m not mocking your comment aa!
    je second, kserw ti egrapsa..


    • The Passenger

      So you are craving to eat French people who were buried for 200 years?

      That’s sick!

      Oh and I know you are not mocking my comment, I’m just so bored that I have to generate some kind of drama in here.

      Even if you do, I still don’t mind much – mainly because old age makes me forget what I read after a short while.

  4. e an thelis kamnw je kanena comment su delete!
    ishen kamboso drama tin proigumeni fora!
    thelis, grandpa pass?

  5. The Passenger

    What were we talking about just now?

  6. I hav bout a million sarcastic comments that could generate some serious heavy drama up in here… but I won’t unleash them!

    Etsi… pu pikka!

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