one night: two stages. -by maria t.

-stage 1: damn it!sti diafimisin elalen “aftes oi nefeeeles..exoun theemaaa”, alla telika…en ixan ypothesi.  So, birch wood, biiirchhhh. it was all i could think of while facing the stage. i’m gona buy some birch wood to make that table i had in my mind for a while now.

-stage 2: the entexno student band of manchester, now in cyprus.  they sing every week with the same program and the same crowd “tha kanw ta pedia mu marionetes”, and they all sing along, every week.  So, while facing the stage, in front of me there was a “beware of dog” sign on the floor, with a microphone on top of it.  the highlight of the night, by far.



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4 responses to “one night: two stages. -by maria t.

  1. Oh, so that was what that poster I see every day when I come back from work was about. There was the tagline “Από το Manchester στη Λευκωσία” but they were all Cypriots so I was like “wait, what? Am I missing something here?”

    Hey I know, maybe we should get every fucking student band who play the same fucking Greek songs that are around for 20 years and book them a gig somewhere. This way there’s going to be a concert somewhere in Cyprus every fucking day for the next year or so.Hell, if we can’t fill in all the days we’ll just find random people in the street, shove them up on a stage and tell them to sing. We are half-way there allready

    The whole thing with concerts is becoming a farce, in the manner of “not every Cypriot needs to have a concert if he doesn’t want to”. If I was ruler of this place I’d ban the performance of Greek entexno songs for a couple of years so that people can finally learn to like something else; Italian songs, Spanish songs,French songs, anything to stop this seemingly eternal obsession with the same 10-20 Greek songs.

    And, like,fuck.

    Ελεος πιον δαμέσα. Ε-Λ-Ε-Ο-Σ.

  2. Anonymous

    please forget about french songs..

  3. Hm… passy I actually agree with u! How can we make this guy the ruler?

    Nefeles- My first comment: “En pu to IKEA i skini?”

  4. na mazepsumen ypografes?!

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