Pro -by morfeas9


Untitled (Pro), 2009


What is the difference between a Suit and a Jacket?

a) Education / Validated Degree

b) Receiving Payment

c) Other (Please Specify)



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7 responses to “Pro -by morfeas9

  1. ο βαθμός στον οποίο κατέχουν το άθλημα

  2. ate re morfea!inda allakses ton titlon ton gio mu?!

  3. All still makes sense maria! Don’t worry… It just appears as if u chose the suit over the jacket 😛

  4. morfea sigkendrothu!afu en jacket pu ime!kiirriie eleisonn!

    o monos tropos na to swsume ine na allaksw ton titlo se “amateur”(in short)…
    oi, you know what,
    “foresia” makes sense, exi pollaplus simvolismus logo tu kypriaku idiomatos pu ine grammeno me agglikus charaktires ke apotiponi to pnevma tu link pu parathetw.

    en ok, pienne pisw stin dulia su!

  5. afrodutistoumilo

    whatever jackets you

  6. afro, exw kenurgia tapelle fwtografia pu terkazi sto blog sas.!stellw tin twra!pws sas exw a!pws sas exw!

  7. Suit Potato!

    Got more? 😛

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