not your cup of tea (the sugar). -by maria t.

“In 2008 a Cambodian woman was made to do community service after kissing a painting by American artist Cy Twombly at a gallery in southern France, leaving lipstick on the canvas.”

A Cambodian-born French woman faces prosecution for criminal damage after planting a kiss on a painting by the artist Cy Twombly, leaving the imprint of her lipstick on the otherwise immaculate white canvas.

The untitled work — three metres by two metres — valued at €2-million, is part of an exhibition dedicated to the United States painter in the southern French city of Avignon.

Thirty-year-old Sam Rindy, who visited the show with a friend on Thursday, told Agence France-Presse that she was so overcome by the white canvas that she kissed it.

“I stepped back. I found the painting even more beautiful,” said Rindy. “The artist left this white for me,” she added.

Staff of the Lambert foundation, which owns the painting, took a different view. They called the police and the woman, herself a painter, was arrested as she left the premises. She will appear in court on August 16 to face charges of criminal damage.



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4 responses to “not your cup of tea (the sugar). -by maria t.

  1. ha ha ha
    θα έκαμνα και εγώ community service προκειμένου να υπερασπίσω την άποψη μου για την ομορφιά, να μεταδώσω ένα μήνυμα, και κυρίως να αφήσω το σημάδι μου.

  2. ate re ritsa!
    do it!enna xarw polla na 8kiavasw etsi article se kypriakin efimerida!

  3. είδα προχτές τούντο άρθρο

    στο που εμιλούσε για μιαν ρωσίδα τουρίστρια που εκσφενδόνισε ένα φλιντζάνι πάνω στην Μόνα Λίζα. Το ίδιο άρθρο έκαμνεν αναφορά τζαι στην κορού τούτη με το κοκκινάδι.

    Έτσι επιθέσεις σε έργα τέχνης μπορεί να οφείλονται στο “Σύνδρομο Stendhal”, λέει το άρθρο. Ο πάσχων από αυτό το σύνδρομο, συμπεριφέρεται παράλογα όταν συγκινείται από κάποιο έργο τέχνης

    Είδες? Έσιει σύνδρομα για ούλλους.

  4. haa!polla endiaferon neerie!

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