new art on the blog. -by maria t.

posts and photos about the “Το πουλλίν επέτασεν” stencil:


Ο Αντιφωνητής

…Black Sheep Says…




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9 responses to “new art on the blog. -by maria t.

  1. Αριστουργηματικό!

    Αν άφηνε τζιαι καμιάν τσιλλαρκάν πίσω του το πουλλίν;

  2. ha ha ha

    όντως ήταν πολλά έξυπνο.

    η εισήγηση του μουφλον είναι ενδιαφέρουσα

  3. to kypriako emvlima ine polla “hot right now”!

    a piece in the “den 3exnw” exhibition (by the lambrakis group) has a very similar take on the emblem (photo coming to you soon):a cage in the shape of the emblem where a bird is kept captive/pet(depending on the symbolism you want to go with)

    go check the exhibition out…it’s fun…but try not to read the artist statement and to forget that the opening was by the archbishop himself(?) cos then it’s all a total turn off regardless the “quirky” artwork>

  4. Goes to show what a moron the archbishop is. He probably had no idea what he was opening…

  5. juls

    ” (photo coming to you soon)”

    probably not that soon afterall!;p

  6. :)hahaha!
    don’t be harsh on me julie babe…
    btw,i just finished season 2 and robin and ted just broke up…what daaaaa???

  7. juls

    ipa su pion na dis;p “woooooo”!!
    kame mia exeresi je men pais me ti seira ta epeisodia!! kame to gia mena..gia tin taleporia pu eprokalese sto nevriko mu sistima ekeina ta stenosokkaka!:p (je gia na exume je kati na sizitume avrio)

    ps. en 8elo na se stenaxoreso alla robin is their aunt;(

  8. achilleas999

    the weather looks nice today…

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