Is 70s nostalgia worth it? -by morfeas9

Lemon-bitter. I would go to the extreme and call it an attack, quite an unnecessary one. But that’s ok. You loop and go in circles, using the same words/theories/cages because you have no others yourself.  Is it really a question of parthenogenesis? So, If  we expect the change, we skip a dot that makes up that circular line ourselves first.

Yes, I do lack, but I do express. That’s the burden and you are part of it.

PS: I should get myself arrested then.



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3 responses to “Is 70s nostalgia worth it? -by morfeas9

  1. God no.

    I mean people had moustaches back then

  2. Anonymous least, cy was [almost] in one piece back then..

  3. Anonymous

    oh, and there was still Makarios.
    for real! not fake!
    I mean, not the awful leninist statues.

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