other snacks. -by maria t.

were all the prawnkrakas eaten up?

were they over fried and burnt?

or did they turn moist because we left them outside for too long?

who knows!

for now, try this new snack> Θωρώ imagezine



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7 responses to “other snacks. -by maria t.

  1. The Passenger

    It doesn’t taste good.

  2. 'Ελατο Χελιδόνι

    try dipping it in cyprus coffee

  3. thelis na pis en kamnis vouttin?

  4. The Passenger

    I don’t like coffee

  5. 'Ελατο Χελιδόνι

    some people just lack taste

  6. Yeah.

    Someone ought to warn them.

    Otherwise who knows what they might put in their mouth.

    Dangerous, lacking taste.

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