anti-fascist march!-update. -by maria t.

(click on poster for more info)


update (post march):

(click on photo for more info)



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10 responses to “anti-fascist march!-update. -by maria t.

  1. Anonymous

    wtf is the manneken-pis doing in cy?
    weirdest poster ever -_-

  2. i actually love the poster… a belgian?

  3. i noticed that there’s been an apparent shift on these poster aesthetics.
    with the posters of groups like “falies”, “youth against nationalism”, “αδα” ktl moving away from their “home-pc aesthetics” look.
    the “antifascist march” and the apotheke “street party” posters are the best examples of this shift.

  4. Yeah.

    Umm wait.


    Haa, kidding.

    I still have no idea about the subject matter but I respect your analysis of it

  5. Anonymous

    belgian? well, almost. from time to time.
    hey, weird doesn’t mean bad.
    it’s just that all these elements normally aren’t related to each other. but the overall result is creative and very efficient.
    I even understand the greek part x)
    maria t.> I beg for illustrated examples.

  6. you’re not belgian too damn it!:)
    illustrated examples will come in a post soon.

  7. Anonymous

    hey, I live 10kms from the belgian border 😛

    not enough? ok: historically, it is the County of Flanders.
    traveled 6 times to Belgique this-no, last- year, lived one month in Brussels, know that city way better than Paris, write fuckin’ papers about belgian cultural centers, speak a bit Dutch, and drink mostly belgian beer.
    and I dont’ recognize Sarkozy’s authority on me.

    …And you say I’m not belgian??? 😛

    and Bonne année to the all the cypriots. (except those who sell their land to evil promoters! die!burn!)

  8. hey, i know the reason you don’t recognize sarkozy’s authority on you…and it ain’t political!
    email coming to you shortly btw. i have an essay deadline coming really sooonnnnn,

  9. Anonymous

    what reason? 😛
    do i even need a reason to hate that guy? 🙂

    yayyy an e-mail!

    only one essay deadline? lucky you … i’ve got a deadline for 3 papers coming next tuesday … I began only one of them, oops. will try to work in the train tonight..

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