R.I.P. alexander mcqueen. -by maria t.



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7 responses to “R.I.P. alexander mcqueen. -by maria t.

  1. ntonia

    eixe wraies dimiourges. na dume pios 8a analabei apo dw k pera. akuses tpt?

  2. Let’s see if you are right then

  3. Ummm….yeah. Some of them have an Alice in Wonderland feel to them. Saturated and over-patterned but still elegant in an otherworldy manner, as if they come from a dimension that although different from ours is still close enough to be able to share aesthetics. They don’t appear to be devouring the wearer like other styles I’ve seen. From the more normal ones I like the splashes of colour on some and the Rising sun pattern on others. That’s sexy!

  4. It’s amazing how so much comes out of people who are so tormented.

  5. oh mann!all that AND sexy??!almost impossible.

    i knew you would like him

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