the haloumi?(part II). -by maria t.

(part I)



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13 responses to “the haloumi?(part II). -by maria t.

  1. Anonymous

    it’s unfair.

  2. “…eaten freshly sliced with chilled watermelon, as the Cypriots have done for centuries.” lovely

    come on, i’m sure you can find some halloumi in france, for cheese’ sakes

  3. WE LOVE HALLOUMI, one of the best original Cyprus´ things!

  4. Latsia IS NOT Nicosia.
    And anyway the best halloumi is from Pafos, so there.

  5. from the land of the cheese

    nah , already told you, people from a country where you could eat one different sort of cheese everyday for one year, aren’t much interested by discovering “exotic” cheese… halloumi doesnt smell bad enough for french people 😛
    as foreign cheese we have some from holland (gouda, edam..) italy (mozarella, parmesan..) and a few feta and cheddar. but it’s almost impossible to find halloumi in the land of the cheese.
    on the contrary, british people aren’t famous for their cheese, but they love products of their former(?) colonies. germans are probably the biggest travelers (I mean, in quantity!), so they’re really good at foreign food too:

    damn, I dream I could eat halloumi on a roof in old lefkosia.. :p

  6. from the land of the cheese

    never said they don’t have any, don’t get me wrong – they actually have some really good one.
    I myself never turn down a good old cheddar, for example. like it better than lots of smelly runny french cheeses!

    But that’s a matter of fact, look around you wherever you travel in Europe, Britain is not a region whose cheese is popular. unlike Italy, Holland, France..
    You probably rarely hear about german cheese as well, doesn’t mean they don’t have lots of it. well, same goes for Britain.
    Expressing an observation isn’t giving a personal judgement on the quality of british cheese, never meant to start a cheese war 😀

    That was actually directed more towards my fellow countrymen (most of them) who think they already have got everything and don’t feel the need to look further. Hey, the nearest supermarket doesn’t even sell cheddar, let alone other british cheeses, don’t even look for halloumi..

  7. Never liked halloumi much.

    Don’t see what all the fuss is about really


  8. passenger you could be talking generally about the fuss that people make about halloumi. or about this seemingly halloumi dedicated post.
    this is not about halloumi as such though, it is mostly about a cypriot food product (in this case halloumi) being presented/traded/advertised/packed/written about, in a country other than cyprus.

  9. Εγώ εν σε καταλάβω καλύττερα η σειρόττερα.

    Καταλάβω σε διαφορετικά.


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