happy 50th!!! -by maria t.



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3 responses to “happy 50th!!! -by maria t.

  1. Yaba daba doooooo.

    I really liked how all the characters were drawn with clear thick lines and were solidly covered while the backgrounds were textured with hues of gray; it gave you the sense that the animations were painted on stone.

    I remember that it always gave me a pleasant feeling when I was watching it and the whole stone-age-in-acid setting concept really did work in drawing me in.

  2. simfonw:)na mas izisun, na mas izisun!

  3. Passenger trivia:

    In my life I think I’ve won stuff like, three times. I mean in things like draws or scratch cards or lotteries.

    One of those three things that I had won was a Flinstones VHS tape. I think it was an hour-long film where they went for holidays in Transylvania or something similar.

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