welcome back (the reverse). -by maria t.

“I just walked all the way to the library because I was in the mood to read bukowski. I endured 2 shocks. 1: our library has no bukowski. 2: right outside my library there were about 20 bunnies just hanging out. I live in a place with no bukowski and random bunnies. I am so ready to come home tmrw. x”

text message from jayne do, 2010.

____________________[welcome back]



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6 responses to “welcome back (the reverse). -by maria t.

  1. Tell jayne that I find her seriously funny.

  2. hey, the girl has her own blog btw, find it in the blogroll!

  3. eeendaaa3i re passenger mu…etw eshi llius mines na gra4ei=p
    i thought i should tell you about the blog anw!

  4. I’ve gorged myself in it.

    All two posts of it 🙂

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