♥ -by maria t.



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7 responses to “♥ -by maria t.

  1. Anonymous

    as a french, I’d say:
    that un-cute furry thing’s name is supposed to be written “épagneul”, not “epaniel”.
    but I’m just being picky. maybe because that’s one of the few words I can understand in this agression of flashy capital letters !

  2. that’s the least thing that is wrong on this:)

    anyhow, ‘épagneul’ is the breed of the dog.!his name is written with a super special funky font at the bottom of the page…ARIS

  3. Anonymous

    hey don’t take me for more stupid than I am, I know “épagneul breton” is the “brand” of the dog, it’s my own language dammit!! :p
    Anyway, a good dog is a dead dog. especially little ones, e.g. poodles 🙂

  4. ohh flooo!I was bias of your stupidity, that’s why this happened:p
    i’m sincerely sorry:)

  5. Anonymous

    oops there’s one too many, I thought my reply had been automatically rejected for being too stupid 😀

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