the death of the zine. -by maria t.



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7 responses to “the death of the zine. -by maria t.

  1. a?!

    jino pupanw pandws en to cover page tu zine mu pu efige toso nwris apo afto to kosmo.
    polla llia atoma esinergastikan enw ixa mia lista triplasia ta atoma pu eperimena na kamun submit. to enan email pasto allo gia na ginei ena submission stin wran tu, je an ginei!

    egkatelipsa tin idea/
    solitude!oi solidarity

  2. Εμένα εν μου έστειλες τίποτε πάντως


    Xa,Ok,seriously now.

    Ηταν περιοδικό για τα visual arts?

  3. E kala jai sy – eishes mou jai deadlines…
    Anyway, oute egw epiasa email pantws.

  4. i felt nostalgic so came to ur blog to spy on you.
    and imagine my surprise when i saw ur entry! how can the zine have died when it was never given a chance?! I think you are being premature in your decision.. One attempt is no attempt!
    i am flooded with disappointment.

  5. 🙂 enna sas exw ypopsin mu je tus 8kio gia tin epomeni fwra

    demetri, random erwtisi,
    oi photos pu tes lambradjies sto re-envisioning cyprus exhibition poiou/poias eni?

    don’t be disappointeeeeddd, i lovee youuuu
    and i loved your entry as weeelll.
    you know i read it sometimes.

    it’s not that i don’t want to give it another shot, but its gonna be tricky this year. i have the dissertation, final show, personal shit(my afterthought on writing this>i wonder why am i noooott single=p de to msg pu mu estiles to apogevma)etc/
    we can brainstorm when you come.
    i miss u

  6. Tou Nikou tou Phillipou.

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