love and understanding. -by maria t.



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4 responses to “love and understanding. -by maria t.

  1. well mouflon … “who are we to judge what will stand the test of time…”

    • “please…not another but is it art discussion”
      this movie should be played on a projector on the small white wall of our living room again and again and again.

      • all wall and floor space is booked for the coming month.
        o themis anakoinwsen oti enna ferei -1.5m height- xmas tree in the “living room”.epellanen.
        i alli eferen dikon tis dentruin simmera gia na stolisume.

        and yes…this is grinch speaking here (but white)

        endometa3in an ekamna document ulla ta installations/screenings pu eginan mesto domatiudin enna’xa teeeleio sereis.
        …je egw kathume je asxolume me paputsosyka je to vatilioti.

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