art difficulties. -by maria t.

…How much sense can you expect others to make of your work?

Your physical construction and combination of materials is elegant, and to an extent convincing – that something is going on, but incredibly difficult to read in any coherent sense…

feedback from personal tutor, spring term 2010


Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be nothing at all?

7 responses to “art difficulties. -by maria t.

  1. tonia

    haha I liked that part ‘ that something is going on ‘:P

  2. tonia

    I stoped by to give my regards 🙂 just so you know.. I read your articles kisses

  3. Fer’ to nou sou kallitehni. Jai katse de ta formal qualities tou H. Mirza sto pws stinoume arheio hwris na steisoume memorial – an den ta eides idi. Eshei ekthesi ton allo mina nomizw sti Lisson. Ela na se parw.

  4. Anonymous

    brillant 😀

  5. endometa3in evalen mu polla kalo vathmo, alla sta comments en sighismenos.
    e ksikkos su.

    mirza a?opote ertei sto uni je exw chance na ton 8kialeksw panda eshi kallitegnes allus pu ime groupie tus je en mborw na men tus 8kialeksw jinous/
    aspume ishen ertei gia master class, opu ethkialeksa andi jinon, ton mike nelson
    je eksanairten ws guest tutor opu e8kialeksa tin goshka macuga andi jinu(polla kalo tutorial, ipen mu oti ennan kala tu xronu na kamw residency se kanena xwrko eksw pu warsaw je oti enna dei soon dulia mu mishimu)(???)

    enna ertei je gia art talk o mirza omos ton allo mina so i can listen to him there as well

    je pragmati, jinda formal stixia tu mirza en i dikes mu adinamies.
    se kanena mina to polli na erteis na deis, i’m working on it

  6. Εν εκατάλαβα ποττέ πως μπορείς να βαθμολογείς την τέχνη.

    Τι εν τα κριτήρια δηλαδή;

    Ας πούμε, αν βάλεις 100 άτομα να δουν την δημιουργία σου πόσοι εννά φκάλουν κάποιο νόημα τζιαι πόσοι όι;

  7. e ela categories; knowledge and understanding, cognitive (intellectual) skills [lol], subject specific skills, key/transferable skills and other attributes

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