only poets piss in sinks*. -by maria t.

“Τον επέκρινα- και τούτο είχα πει στα ίσια και µετά δεν µου µίλαγε. Ήταν τεµπέλης. Ήταν από πλούσια οικογένεια και ζούσε µια ζωή µε το χαρτζιλίκι της µαµάς του και των αδελφών του για να είναι απερίσπαστος και να γράφει ποίηση. Μα είναι δυνατόν, επειδή είσαι ποιητής, να τεµπελιάζεις και να τρέχεις µε τις πιτσιρίκες;”

-Ντίνος Χριστιανόπουλος, για τον Οδυσσέα Ελύτη.


*title of a billy childish poem



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13 responses to “only poets piss in sinks*. -by maria t.

  1. To διάβασα κι εγώ χτες!
    Θεός ο Χριστιανόπουλος. Απίστευτος.

  2. ne:) an den itan je i emfaniseis tu toso disevretes…
    opos je na eshi pantos, enna 8kiavasumen kambosa twra me tundo project tis nikolakopoulou!

  3. Last guy I saw pissing in the sink was a jockey, a wrestler and an outlaw. But not a poet.

  4. it is a cold seattle nite
    – i cant be bothered to get out of bed
    and go all the way to the toilet
    i tell her

    – its only out thru the kitchen
    she tells me

    – if im at home i just open the window
    and piss into the back yard
    she lifts her head from the pillow
    and holds me with her dark eyes

    – really? she says
    my ex-boyfriend would never
    do a thing like that

    – no? i ask
    – no he was very fastidious
    and would never piss out of a window
    – i dont allways piss out of windows
    i correct her
    – sometimes i piss in the sink instead

    she looks at me
    – well he certanly wouldnt do that either
    she says
    – why not?
    i ask
    – he just wasnt raised that way
    she says levelly
    – well nor was i
    – then why do you do it?
    i think for a second
    – becouse im a poet!
    i ansewer
    then laugh into the pillow

  5. Oh.

    I thought you meant that it was a childish poem written by a billy.

    Whatever billy was supposed to mean.

  6. ahaaa
    exw ena cd tu btw, opu apaggelei pioimata tu. an thes na su to daneisw otan er8w sto nisi

  7. Nah, I don’t think I would master the patience to listen to poetry.

  8. eee esi hanneis passenger!

  9. pfff..poetry!who bothers!??right..

    ate re passenger
    pienne na peripekseis kanenan allon

    (ektos fysika an to comment su apefthinete gia recorded poetry ke mono. annen etsi sorry pu se ethkioksa prin pio panw!ela piso.)

  10. I see you are covering all eventualities

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