association for historical dialogue & research> “my nicosia” photo story . -by maria t.

Dear Friends,

The Association for Historical Dialogue & Research (AHDR) & POST Research Institute (POST RI) have pleasure in inviting you to partake in an exciting joint collaboration with Chair of American Studies, KAP Director, Kenyon College, Dr. Peter Rutkoff.

This collaborative effort will take the form of a photo story project entitled “My Nicosia”, which aims at bringing together a core group of dedicated people, in order to tell the story of their Nicosia. The project will involve a walk of Nicosia on 12 March, in which participants will be asked to document the city through the lens of a camera. During the week of 13 – 17 March, participants will work individually on creating their personal story of what Nicosia represents to them, through the collection of pictures and text.

The group will then meet on the afternoon of Friday 18 March to collate material and complete the joint photos story. The finished work, which will be displayed at opening of the Home for Cooperation from 6 – 9 May 2011.

-for further details> My Nicosia



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