i do. -by maria t.

“In modern society, saying you believe in marriage is more shocking than saying you’ve snacked on crack.”

Does Ed believe in marriage, or is he merely canvassing?, The Independent, by Janet Street -Porter, 3rd April 2011.


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4 responses to “i do. -by maria t.

  1. G.

    This is becoming a frequent topic of discussion between people of our age. I do not have answers, but I have yet to see the point of the whole institution (that is marriage). I have a couple of friends who are getting married soon, and I have a very powerful urge (which I submerge) to ask them the reason behind their choice to double their social commitments.

  2. yeap, becoming a frequent topic of discussion indeed..
    instead of the institution like analogy i prefer a sort of -grassroot organization with potential to become an ngo- sort of thing =p

  3. With marriage you can afford things you can’t when you are single.

    The downside is that you’ll end up having to share most of them.

  4. Downside? What fucking downside? Do, do, do-be-do. Marriage is not an institution, not a social norm, not a chore, regardless of what florists and fashion and ‘in-laws’, would have you believe. Marriage is the most absurd and sui generis DADA gesture still applicable and relevant today. A projectile yet (always) untimely destruction of the ‘me’ for the I, the aye, the Yes, in such a violent way that can, that should, shake your previous, usually binary and oppositional, understanding of the world. A loud, mocking laughter in the face of the Being-in-the-world, in theory and practice.
    And if nothing else, it is a reaffirmation ‘serial monogamy’, of the progressive convulsions of beauty, of love, of desire.
    I am talking of marriage, mind you, not coupling, not partnership, not relationships. Marriage.

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