animal patterns. -by maria t.

-from my blog surfing (BIP LING):

-from my Vogue (U.S. Sept ’11, pg. 460 TNT Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis takes to Africa for Dasha Zhukova’s thirtieth birthday) reading:

“…Eugenie reminded us that these animals (antelopes, elephants, hippos, and even a couple of lazy lions), aside from being stunning sights, have themselves an important role to play on the fashion circuit: They make for a hell of a lot of great prints and patterns.  ‘Zebra print would make a great coat!’ and ‘ Ostriches are sooo Givenchy!,’ she cried…”

-from my iTunes (Θανάσης Παπακωνσταντίνου, ο ελάχιστος εαυτός, Hidden Track):

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  1. nia

    for some reason I don’t have your personal email, I changed my email(as you can see) so I end up everytime writing you here. Anw I just stopped by to say that I bought tracey emin’s book- strangeland, that you recommended me. Lately I ‘ve been reading haruki murakami(jen told me to read sputnik sweetheart) ,exceptional writer. Probably you know him, if you don’t go to a bookshop now.I ‘m arriving to cy friday morning, I want to see you, so don’t make other plans for friday. we’re going out with other people for drinks!or if u prefer sat! x sry g t mi8istorima:P

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