call me maybe.

  • [text msg about my new uk number and new touch screen smart phone]

“…ekatevasa je ena app to dial-a-number pu mu Joan pu tin eternal oti en na one pio grinis via Kyoto!en katafernw na to dulepsw omos!”

  • Georgina Gratix, Please call me, 2011 oil on board, 120 x 80cm. As seen in this month’s Art Review during my first visit to the GSA’s library.


Filed under Could it be nothing at all?

2 responses to “call me maybe.

  1. antropi…en m stiles to numero su!

  2. kori mu!kati epien lathos giati sigura estila su epiaen me je i geo simmera je elalen mu oti mishimu en tis estila ton kenurgio mu ton arithmo.
    e ma, akataxnota
    tha to ksanakamw twra je gia tis 2, je na dume je se pius allus en estalike diladi

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