remains of the day.

…We must always remember that what we have left of art, what we call ‘art history’, is just what managed to survive.  It is not the whole story…We call it ‘art history’ as if this history is complete but in fact very little is left… 

from Remains of the Day, Jonas Mekas interviewd by Gilda Williams, Art Monthly Feb ’13.


Christo: Ray was a very, very important artist, visual artist, but also very exciting

Jeanne-Claude: Some artists were received by society and their prices went up and sold all over Europe, but this didn’t happen to Ray, and maybe he never understood why. WE don’t understand why…

from How to Draw a Bunny (Ray Johnson) John Walter and Andrew Moore, 2002.


On a page featuring three images, Ray Johnson’s name is the only one that is not in bold when referencing his image. from Virtual Reality Check, Nicholas Warner, Art Monthly  Feb ’13.


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