eshei kapia vivlia pu ta sygxizw me alla pu exw.  gia paradeigma dete tuti tin periptwsi dame, an je moiazoun polla, to prwto vivlio ine to issue 3 Spring/Summer tu The Happy Hypocrite je to deftero ine to Κύπρος, Μέρες Οργής:


The Happy HypocriteThe Happy Hypocrite, coverThe Happy Hypocrite, pages


Kύπρος, Μέρες ΟργήςKύπρος, Μέρες Οργής, coverKύπρος, Μέρες Οργής, pages


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Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be nothing at all?, Could it be politics?, Could it be tradition?

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  1. Place on of ’em upside-down.

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