presentation mechanisms, Santa Croce (Cyprus), 1483.

“…Wonderful is the position or location of this cross in its place. It is in a niche dimly lighted, both its arms are sunk in recesses in the floor.  But the recesses of the arms and the foot are large, disproportionately so to what they hold, yet does not the cross touch the wall, but is absolutely free from any contact with it; and this is the wonderful story about the cross that hangs in the air without support, and yet it stands as firmly as though it were attached by the strongest nails, or bonded to the wall, which is not, for all these recesses are large, so that a man can put in his hand and feel that there is no fixture in the back or the head of the cross…”

-Excerpt from Felix Faber’s account (1483) , Excerpta Cypria; Materials for a History of Cyprus, Claude Delaval Cobham.

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